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The natural way to eradicate rodents
Where to use
How and why EradiBait® works
How to use EradiBait® and how much is required
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The natural way to eradicate rodents
EradiBait® contains no poisonous chemicals and is based on ground maize combined with wheat and a sweet molasses attractant. EradiBait is effective even among rodent populations that are completely resistant to conventional anticoagulants (see map).

EradiBaits® unique formulation ensures:

  • no risk to children or pets
  • no risk to livestock or birds
  • no risk of either primary or secondary poisoning - bird of prey friendly
  • no known resistance
  • no special requirement for transport, handling, storage or disposal
  • no risk of contamination to crops or food
  • no environmental pollution - fully biodegradable
Map showing distribution of rats resistant to conventional rodenticides
These types of products were invented in the USA and have had over 15 years of development, resulting in many international patents. Extensive on-farm trials and GLP laboratory tests have shown EradiBait® to be as effective as conventional chemical rodenticides.
Where to use
  • livestock yards
  • pig & poultry farms
  • conventional & organic farming
  • equestrian centres
  • game farms
  • forestry & woodland management
  • food processing, packing & storage areas
  • domestic, industrial & retail premises
  • secure institutions
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • parks & other public areas

Safe to use on and around farm nature trails

Recommended by The Barn Owl Trust

How and why EradiBait® works

Why EradiBait® works:

The specific mode of action of EradiBait® and it's inherent safety to non-rodents is based on a range of factors unique to rodents:

  • rodents are opportunistic feeders and can consume up to 10% of their body weight.
  • rodents cannot vomit or regurgitate.
  • rodents have a unique digestive system in which the caecum (sack between large and small intestine) plays an active role.

How EradiBait® works:

  • EradiBait® is consumed as a food source as part of a rodent’s natural eating habit.
  • after ingestion dehydration commences causing blood thickening & circulatory collapse.
  • rodents become lethargic, retreat to their burrow where they lapse into a coma and die.
How to use EradiBait® and how much is required

For most effective control EradiBait® must be the primary food source available to the rodent – following these simple rules will ensure success:

  • clear away all other food sources from the area to be treated.
  • bait all areas where rodent activity is seen - particularly along runs and around holes.
  • keep bait dry as wetting may reduce effectiveness.
  • continue to bait until rodent activity ceases.

Effective control is achieved with up to 40-60 grams of product per rat and 10-15 grams per mouse.

Pack sizes available:
EradiBait® - 3kg, 7kg.

What to expect:

  • rodent activity declines as death occurs within 4 to 7 days of regular feed intake - sightings reduce as rodents generally die in their burrow.
  • faecal droppings become bleached in colour & larger in size*.
  • an absence of smell from decomposition due to dehydration – similar to mummification.

*Change in colour and size of the faecal pellets are an indicator of product acceptance and consumption and can be up to 3 times larger than pellets from non-treated rodents.

More information

Further information is available in PDF format:

EradiBait Rodent Control Guide
EradiBait FAQ

(Click here to download Adobe Acrobat reader).

EradiBait® is marketed & distributed in the United Kingdom exclusively by:
Ilex EnviroSciences Limited, North Hangar, Wickenby Airfield, Lincoln, LN3 5AX
Phone: 01673 885175 or Email us
On-line sales for UK Mainland Only. For other countries please email us or telephone + 44 1673 885 175.
EraditBait® (HSE8533) is approved as a rodenticide by the UK Health & Safety Executive under The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.
Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.
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